Ritu Beri

The First Lady of Fashion

EXPLORERITU BERIAn Epitome of Style and Elegance
EXPLORERITU BERI DESIGNSFlamboyancy meets Elegance
EXPLORETHE LUXURY LEAGUERedefining meaning of Luxury
EXPLORERB FASHION SCHOOLAn Online Course for Fashion Design



History underlaid with obvious forces of change


Cherishing every bride's trousseau


Among the world’s fashion elite, Ritu Beri continues to break boundaries. She’s received awards, accolades & recognition for her talent and passion for her craft.

101 Ways to Look Your Best

A handbook, about 101 Ways to Look Your Best. A simple book that demystifies fashion and offers practical solu­tions to make style a part of everyday living. It was an attempt to move fashion away from being a mere diversion for a select few and to make it an integral part of people's lives.

Style File: Fashion Beyond Clothes

Published in 2011, the book is a mission to take Beri's obsession with fashion beyind just clother. It was an endeavor to turn fashion into a legimate form of culture through the book, Style File.

The Fire of a Restless Mind

Published in 2016, to celebrate 25 years of the brand, Ritu Beri. This book is Ritu Beri's autobiography. It is about the designer's experiences, embracing the odds with periods of unbelievable successes, some heart-breaking failure, ruthless business dramas and intriguing encounters with the global high society.

The Designs of a Restless Mind

Published in 2016 by Limited Edition, to celebrate 25 years of the brand, Ritu Beri. Beri shares her story & her style through the stunning pictures in this book. The book is a fashion inspiration & an ode to beauty.

Firefly: A Fairytale

Self Published in 2005, Firefly was a limited edition of 100 Books, only. It was one of the most expensive books ever sold, at $2000 each.
The Book was sold globally and also at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris. Mr Kamal Nath, Commerce Minister of India released the book.



L. Bischoff

Fashion Editor ORF

I have been with the Austrian Television (ORF) for 17 years as a fashion brand and lifestyle journalist. I have been in New York, Paris and London for fashion shows, but I have never seen such a wonderful, inspired collection like your collection. Each piece is like a dream. Forget Versace, Armani, Lagerfeild, Weshwood, and Valentino! Ritu, I give you more than a big hand. You make art! Best Wishes to you, dear Ritu!


French Embroiderer

Reflection on Ritu Beri’s Collection shown in the residence of the Ambassador of India in Paris. Amazing, modern, fabulously coloured, respectful of Indian tradition, innovative, the Ritu’s collection appears to me as a young and talented expression of her sensibility. These 30 minutes were for everyone, and specially for me, a great moment of dream, close to the reality of a talent in constant evolution unto the perfection. I have noticed a new sensibility in Ritu’s creations.

Cathy Mariott

Merchandise Manager (LIBERTY)

It is now two years since we began working with you to produce a garment range for liberty. What you have produced in this time has established itself to be one of the core ranges is our Ethnic Clothing Collection. You had asked for some of the feedback that we receive from our customers and I can only say that for the most the most part they are quite enchanted.Thank you for your support over the last two years there is still much to be developed

"I thrive to take every still moment and transform it into a pulsating giant wheel."

― Ritu Beri


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Life & Work

of The Queen of Fashion Industry


Ritu Beri: A Gypsy Soul

Born with a gypsy soul and a warriors spirit, Ritu Beri’s name is synonymous with the explosive globalization of India’s fashion industry. A pioneer in her field, she launched her label in 1990. Her creativity was objectively evaluated by fashion connoisseurs across the world. Rating, qualifying and quantifying her talent.


Skill, Art and Talent

Ritu Beri is the first designer to launch a collection of hats in India. “Hats symbolize class and culture. Worn well they make a strong statement. I would like to influence the use of hats in the daily life of Indian women. Both edgy and elegant, a hat is inarguably a scene stealer and immediately sets you apart. Hats are a passion for me and this is my attempt to make a passion, a life style.” says Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri

Founder, The Luxury League

In talks with Ritu Beri!

The first lady of Indian fashion Ritu Beri speaks candidly about her journey from an aspiring artiste to an international fashion designer star. An extremely talented artist with a strong focus of her work on the technical side. She is not only passionate about art, but also passionate about learning and improving her skills and working on complex creative projects.

Exclusive Facts

RB: The Global Icon

Letter of Appreciation from Narendra Modi

The designer’s has received a letter of appreciation from Shri Narendra Modi, PM of India for her work towards promoting and redefining traditional Indian industry by adapting to the best pictures of the world, representing innovation with the expression of sheer excellence.

Internationally acclaimed

Ritu Beri worked with the biggest global brands—from Bill Clinton and Prince Charles, to Nicole Kidman, Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar. Her scale of success has been such that Time magazine mentioned her among the ‘People to Watch’ in international business

First Indian designer in Paris

Ritu Beri was awarded ‘Order of Civil Merit’ by the Spanish government. Ritu was among the first Indians to storm the catwalks of Paris more than two decades ago. The Spanish government recognized the work of Ritu Beri for her outstanding contribution to fashion.

The Most Expensive Book ever

Ritu Beri’s book “Firefly – A Fairytale” has been recognized as the most expensive book costing one lakh rupees. Only 100 copies of the book will be sold in India through Ritu Beri’s store in Delhi and is available at the new Louis Vuitton flagship store near Champs Elysee in Paris.

Ministry of Uzbekistan

Ritu Beri has been decorated with the Honorary Citizen of Tashkent and was appointed Cultural and Tourism Ambassador of Uzbekistan in India by the Ministry of Tourism. She was recognized for her significant contribution to India and Uzbekistan’s cultural ties.

Designed Barbie Doll

Often called “Donatella Versace of India” and the “First Lady of fashion” in the country, Ritu has also designed for the Barbie doll, and has been a consultant for London’s Harrods store, as well as various international brands like Volvo, Swarovski and Honda Motors.

Work with Ritu Beri

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