Ritu Beri: A Gypsy Soul

Born with a gypsy soul and a warrior's spirit, a pioneer in her field, she launched her label in 1990.

Suzy Menkes, reacted to her first show in Paris during the Le Semaine de la Haute Couture & said, “Surprising as it might seem, Ritu Beri, from Delhi, gave a lesson in high fashion aesthetics and client-pleasing clothes-the essence of couture. This protege of the embroiderer Francois Lesage took a palette of quiet colors and sent out poetic mixes of baked mud, earth brown and black tinged with gold embroidery, or brighter kingfishers lined with zingy yellow.”

Labelled as Marquee Designer

Retro as well as eclectic, versatile & futuristic following several nation wide polls by various publications, she was labeled a marquee designer,  who had significantly leap- frogged ahead of her peers.

The Success Story

Ritu Beri’s name is synonymous with the explosive globalization of India’s fashion industry. Her creativity was  objectively evaluated by fashion connoisseurs across the world. Rating, qualifying and quantifying her talent.

The Link Lady of India

Her visage is amongst the most recognizable faces of India, listed amongst the 50 most important people of the country, counted amongst the galaxy of the Top 15 Women of India, nominee for the Economic Times Business Woman of the year Award in India, she is noted to be amongst the 20 Best Dressed Celebrity Icons of the country, voted “Delhi’s Most Stylish’ in a nationwide poll conducted by Hindustan Times, endorsed by Tag Heuer  as their ‘Link Lady of India’.