The Luxury League

The Luxury League is a global foundation established to promote the concept of luxury and to create an environment conducive to creative thinking. It is a Not-For-Profit Foundation of prominent Luxury brands that aims at strengthening the influence of India in the Global Luxury industry. The League epitomizes the spirit of global creativity, perpetuates traditional artisan skills and subtly sustains the element of fantasy that Indian luxury has always inspired.

The Luxury Symposium 2019

The Showcase at The Luxury Symposium, organized by The Luxury League aims to promote & support the various forms of art, craft & brands. The objective is to strengthen the voice of India, globally and to mobilize the government to use luxury as a powerful agent of change.

The Luxury Symposium 2018

The Luxury Symposium 2018 is a consortium of decision makers, Government, artisans, craftsmen, corporate global brands as well as consumers – on the same platform to reimagine the connotations of luxury in an Indian context.

The Luxury Symposium 2017

The Luxury Symposium 2017, had prestigious associates like the Government of India’s Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Textiles, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Khadi India & Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

My desire is to open the Indian doors to luxury brands from various countries and to strengthen the voice of India abroad – the idea is to create an increased pool of knowledge and competence. It is an alliance of tradition and modernity, expertise and creativity, history and innovation. Indian luxury is the envy of the world ; it owes its success to an admirable pool of talent. This talent is our treasure that we need to nurture & protect”.
Founder, Ritu Beri


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Ritu Beri Designs

Designs with Luxurious Fabrics

When it comes to Indian Bridal wear, Ritu Beri has added many feathers to her cap with her mind boggling sense of style. Her collections usually have a rich display of silks and brocades and other luxurious fabrics and exquisite use of embroideries to match. In terms of colors, her choice is usually restricted to the usual bridal colors like golds and reds and blues, however , she does have a unique and extremely well crafted way of adding frills to the garments, especially  the skirts or the ghagras.

Lehengas with Grace and Glamour

While most of the other designers are busy using gold as an element for embellishment, Ritu Beri designs her lehengas around gold. What she creates is an impression packed lehenga with grace and glamour and something that would totally leave you spellbound. The Lehengas designed by Ritu Beri are grand and full of splendor with a certain element of vintage beauty added to it.

The best technique of hers that has never quite been done this way, is her layering of the ghagra. The number of layers she creates in the skirt of the lehenga is a distinctive style that she has followed for a long time.Her skirts always have an added element of frill to them, sometimes subtle and sometimes full of flamboyance. Ritu Beri, effortlessly creates and assembles a memorable piece with an enviable gher.

Most of her hemlines are asymmetrical, and they serve to create masterpieces every single time. Nothing says glamorous like a Ritu Beri lehenga. If you are a bride-to-be, and are looking to do something utterly different and to be remembered for it, you must head over to try some of Ritu Beri’s creations. Her over-the-top, princess-like lehengas are so full of grandeur that either it would put you in a state of shock or you’ll be totally mesmerized.

Womenswear designer Ritu Beri launched her latest collection, ‘The Naga Narrative’, on the runway at the 34th Surajkund International Crafts Mela in New Delhi on February 7, in collaboration with Tribes India.

The Naga Narrative by Ritu Beri Designs

Blessed Hearts Foundation

Blessed Hearts Foundation is a charity for Children created in November 2008 with the intention to improve and uplift the condition of the less fortunate children in India, from providing education, nourishment and healthcare support, thus better the future for the children of India. The foundation now works to support Autism awareness & effective treatment initiation as its primary objective.


-To improve and uplift the condition of the less fortunate children in all ways possible.
-To mainstream children from street to school life: Children are also provided access to primary and secondary schools. -To feed the undernourished children of India.
- To provide adequate healthcare support for the needy children.
- To help find homes for orphans.
- To raise funds & create awareness of Autism in India.

Action for Autism

Act for Autism is an initiative to raise the awareness about Autism by Blessed Hearts Foundation. Every Possible effort is taken to systematically raise the level of autism awareness, initiate the basic understanding of autism along with the treatment possibilities.

Baby Beri

As a Fund-raising initiative, Baby Beri, a brand of kids clothes was launched in 2009. A fashion show by the kids for the kids is presented to a select audience as a tool to spread the message as well as to raise funds.