My Fashion Space

There is craziness and chaos all around ‘my fashion space’ but at the center of it all, I am very normal and grounded. There is Ritu Beri, the designer, who flies her flight of fancy and then Ritu Beri, the woman, who takes pleasure in playing tiger mom. Today, in spite of ticking most of my long list of things-to-do, I have established a life that is gentle, but I still thrive on the trapeze aspect of my profession.

There’s never a Dull Moment

I self-motivate myself by looking at how far I have come and more often by how far I need to go. Tomorrow will never hand me the same cards twice; this makes life adventurous with a mixture of unsolved problems, ambiguous victories and some vague defeats. It’s very tiring to constantly make new creative experiences come alive. But the energy you invest to put it together is what  triggers the excitement. It’s addictive! 

Her Fashion Statement

Good design is always hanging on a tightrope of bad taste. I am saddened when I see gorgeous girls who are but slaves to fashion, the “fashion victims”. I think dressing up should be fun!! I don’t believe in trends. I don’t care about it,  it’s more about you and what works for you. Logos lack style and creativity. Style is what makes fashion eternal and nothing like a natural beauty. She has unmatchable allure!