A Way of Life

I believe great taste does not begin and end just with well-known brands,judged by their price tags and intimidating reputations. I am not being anti-brands but I constantly challenge myself to discover that which is sort of unknown, unseen and completely instinctive with a sense of intimacy.  My obsession with fashion goes beyond just clothes; it’s the whole lifestyle thing. I endeavour to turn fashion into a legitimate form of culture. Above clothing! Above trends! Beyond boundaries!


My house “Summerleas” in Chattarpur, is removed from the bustle of Delhi. Some would even say we live in the country. However, we are only 20 minutes from the city. The beauty of where we live is the fact that we are one with nature surrounded by sprawling gardens, exquisite plants, rare trees (ours is one of the few homes in Delhi with a Chinar tree) and migratory birds. It is a true blessing. “My space is all about me”- there is a personal touch about how my home looks from the inside and outside. Our home defines who we really are!