I absolutely believe in the concept of marriage. I love the idea of two people being on the same side.
Marriage is about companionship & being comfortable in each other’s company.
The passion & fireworks are better left for the teens as the potent combustibility is not the best recipe for a peaceful marriage.
It’s difficult to describe a happy marriage. I am horrified by some couples who are fighting with each other all the time but claim that theirs is a fulfilling relationship & marriage .
How can one decode the emotions, pleasures and pains of living together…
By definition, it is supposed to be a once in a lifetime journey of mutual respect, trust and love, isn’t it??
I have grown up watching my mother wait up for her evening tea until my father returns from his game of bridge as also my father who refuses to have lunch till my mother returns from work.


I am a big believer of chemistry! I think it works in everything from friendship, work & marriage. In a marriage, mutual respect & understanding is key to it’s success.
Bobby and I were friends for a long time before we got married. I met him through my cousin and we got along well.
Over the years, he was my ‘first call’ in the morning and ‘last call’ at night. I respected his honesty & valued his astute judgment. I would turn to him for advice on almost everything.
He is amongst the most decent, generous, honest & practical people I know and most importantly a thorough gentleman!
It has been his support and unwavering encouragement that I continue to follow my dreams.
He enjoys my success & gets a huge kick from the accolades I receive, sometimes more than I do. This is a rare quality in most Indian men, who prefer to weaken the women and make them dependent on them.